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Give to Bible Translation

One billion people don't have a Bible in their language. In total, nearly 4,000 people groups are still without a translation of God’s Word. It’s why Life.Church and YouVersion are developing new technologies and collaborating with partners like illumiNations so that every person on earth can engage with the Bible and know the fullness of God.

It’s our shared goal to make God’s Word available in every language by the year 2033

In the first four years of our partnership with illumiNations, Life.Church and YouVersion helped fund translation projects for 28 languages spoken in 15 countries that reached 7.5 million people. We praise God for that great start—and we invite you to dream even bigger by prayerfully considering a gift to YouVersion & Bible Translation. When you give, you’re accelerating efforts to make the Bible available to everyone so they can experience deeper intimacy with God. 

illumiNations is a collective impact alliance leading the way to translate God’s Word into every language in the world by 2033 following a defined roadmap—and with the generosity of amazing people like you. It’s called Share Light 2033.

To learn more, visit the illumiNations website.

Go to Share Light 2033